Mrs. Perkins Goes To Google

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Dee Perkins At Mountainview Google Headquarters

  Dee Perkins At Mountainview Google Headquarters

What a great trip to Mountainview, CA and training at the Google campus.  I was able to make lots of new friends and speak to people who understood the complicated world of Google Adwords.

Mountainview Google campus.

Mountainview Google campus.

We spent an entire day on the Google campus and learned some great tips that I put into practice as soon as I got back to Syracuse. They included adding adword extensions including neighborhood structured snippets (“Now serving Manlius, Fayetteville and Jamesville,” is an example), using Better Business bureau pages as “review” extensions and managing conversion tracking using Wordstream.

Team Wordstream

Team Wordstream after a successful event.

I even snuck in a side trip to the Golden Gate bridge and a drive around Facebook’s campus.

If you would like to hear more about Google Adwords and how targeting your audience while they are searching is the future of advertising, let’s set up a meeting!

Dee Perkins on Delta

Shout out to Delta as they let me up to the “crew only” area so I could get a selfie with these attendant’s cool glasses!  Kate Spade is definitely in my future!