Are You Clearly Communicating?

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The visionaries aren’t always the ones who
have the ideas. The visionaries are the ones
who can clearly communicate the ideas to others. Simon Sineknotepad-411030_1280

I must admit, I’m a checklist kind of girl. When my husband or friends commiserate that they can’t get anything done because they feel overwhelmed my immediate response is “make a list!!!”

However, I’m starting to see that in my race to make checkmarks, I sometimes forget to clue people in to what I’m doing. As a freelancer and small business owner, I realize that clients trust me with their brands, which I take very seriously. So in a race to post to their facebook page, update their website or make whatever change I feel will make their brand better, I sometimes forget to clue people in to what I’ve done. For me, it’s not as sexy or fun to recapitulate everything I’ve done that day for that client. There is a huge part of me that wants to say “just trust me, I’ll get it done.”

But that isn’t the way business works. And folks do want to know the fabulous things I’ve done for them. So the struggle for me in 2016 is keeping clients, friends and fellow volunteers up to date on things I have done. As a tech girl there are a million apps and programs that should help me do this, but for now I’m using good old Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar to fill in the blanks and of course my trusty yellow pads.

Do you have a better way of keeping of track of the things you do?

One thought on “Are You Clearly Communicating?

  1. Leigh Gardner

    I am co-dependent on Outlook. Thank goodness for flags, reminders, snooze, tracking, read receipt…and the list goes on. I’m with you – that’s how I keep tabs on what I have to do and when I’m waiting on someone else to do something.

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